Terms & Conditions Bike


1. Age requirement: Minimum 17 years.
2. Minimum rental : One day. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of daily rate.
3. Traffic tickets resulting from any violation of Greek Laws, occurring during Rental Period, are borne solely by the Renter.
4. Insurance : Authorized Renters have coverage in regards to Third Parties.
5. Gasoline: Gasoline consumption is payable by the Renter.
6. Damage : All repairs to damages to rented motorbikes, occurring during Rental Period, are paid by the Renter.
7. Maximum of persons allowed on the rented motorbike is two, under no circumstances are three or more persons allowed.
8. The Renter is the only authorized driver of the rented motorbike.
9. Rules regarding surfaces to be ridden on : a) Beaches are strictly forbidden , b) Dirt tracks ( ex. mountain roads) are strictly forbidden on all scooters.
10. Free service is available ( punctures , spark plugs , inner tubes , tyre change , etc.) only if authorized driver does notdeviate from Driving Procedures / Limitations as started in Point 9 of this contract.
11. A minimum charge of 30 EURO is charged in regards to any damage occurring rented motorbike not covered under Point 10 of this contract. (ex. paint , bodywork , etc.) occurring on street surfaces allowed under this contract. The renter is also liable to pay for the following : a) Parts of the motorbike, b) Forfeited Rental, c) Labor.
12. If a puncture occurs the renter must, under no circumstances , continue riding the motorbike but telephone the number provided for assistance. If these terms are ignored , the renter is fully liable for all subsequential damages and costs of repair.
13. If the renter loses motorbike keys , a fee of 15 EURO will automatically be charged.
14. All rental motorbikes are fully operational and serviced prior to rental to the renter. All driving problems occurring during the rental period ( ex. stones in exhaust pipe , dust in spark plugs , etc. ) are not in the responsibility of ” ESCAPE” Rent a Motorbike.
15. Rental motorbikes have to be returned in the same condition as they were given out.
16. The agreed upon rental period is not subject to change, when the renter returns the motorbike prior to the end of the motorbike back , there will be no return of money.
17. If the renter does not follow the terms of this contract , ” ESCAPE” Rent a Motorbike reserves the right to take the motorbike back, without returning the money.
18. This contract adheres to and is subject to Greek Law # 1599 / 1986.
19. Service to rented motorbikes is subject to availability of “ESCAPE” Rent a Motorbike employees.